Jump Rope Task Cards ages 8 and older


Jump Rope Task cards to keep kids and families active by world champ and master instructor Rene Bibaud

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Learn 16 individual jump rope moves through the use of these colorful 4×6 jump rope task cards.

Each card includes a hand drawn images of individual skills, simple tips & instructions as well as suggestions in making the skill  more challenging and engaging for kids who master things quickly. A video tutorial is included by the use of a QR code to further comprehension and to break skills down. All videos include words of encouragement or engaging language to support growth mindset.

This starter pack includes drawings, instructions and video tutorials for:

  • Getting started with the Basic Bounce
  • Crosses
  • Walk the Dog -with various ways to catch
  • Jack Jumps
  • 180 and various enhancement challenges
  • Skier and skier enhancement challenges
  • Blender
  • Rump Jump
  • Double Under
  • Pretzel (Leg over)
  • Freestyle demonstrations
  • Side Swing
  • Side Swing Cross and enhancement challenges
  • Push Up
  • M&M
  • Caboose

Mix and match task cards to create endless routines, or turn your task cards into a game for the whole family to stay active together.