West City Rope Ninjas

Performance Jump Rope Team - By Ropeworks

The West City Rope Ninjas are a performance jump rope team based in West Seattle.  Team members range in age from 8 to 14 and are proficient in performance jump rope, double dutch, long rope, acro jump rope and single rope skills.  The team performs at special events, festivals, school assemblies and competes in regional tournaments. 

Our goal is to share our passion of  jumping rope for fun and fitness. 

Some of the "Ninjas" along with Coach Rene, smile after the West Seattle Parade - 2018

Becoming a Ninja

Building jump rope skills require patience, practice and perseverance. Our team trains 8 months a year and performs at approximately 20 community and school events.  In addition we participate in 4 tournaments which are on the weekends. Practices are on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:15PM  September through June.

Summer workouts are on Wednesdays throughout the Summer from 3:15-5PM
There is a flat monthly fee and participation is not required for each practice. The price reflects this.  Click on the link below to register and learn more

Team Member Requirements:
  • 2nd grade or older – exceptions apply. Ask Coach Rene
  • Basic Fundamental Skills acquired  See TRY OUT LIST
  • Able to make a firm commitment to the practices for 10 months. (Sept to June)
  • Approximate team fees for 2019-2020 will be $79 per month plus equipment and uniform fees. 
  • Families must participate in fundraising efforts to offset our team costs not covered in tuition. 
  • Families must help at tournaments
  • Tournaments are optional, but encouraged

Joining an enrichment class is a great way to build skills required to be on the team.  See our Enrichment line up to find a class that may work for you.

There will be two tryout periods: August 26-28 during skills camp or Sept. 18 2019 at 5PM at the VFW on Alaska in West Seattle.  See the tryout list. 

Team Activities:

Here is a general timeline of activities

  • September to October – show practice and speed and power training at practices
  • November – Speed and Power tournament in Canada (optional)
  • Fall 2019 – Fall Festival Shows (optional) 
  • December – Winterfest shows (optional)
  • January – March Heart Challenge school assemblies (optional- approx 3 shows per person over 3-4 months)
  • February Records Day Team fundraiser – required (On a Saturday- you may opt out with a $50 team donation)
  • March Bainbridge Island Tournament (on a Saturday) optional
  • April Seaside Oregon Tournament (full weekend of activities late April) optional
  • May – tournament of Champions – usually early May Saturday – optional

Tryout List:

  1. jogging step for 30 seconds with less than 2 mistakes.  3 tries
  2. jogging step for one minute with less than 4 mistakes. 3 tries
  3. little skipper part one (beginning until side swings- see video on team board below)
  4. skills 

Must be able to 5 in a row:

crosses, can can, jacks, skiers, bells, scissors, double unders, one foot hop, can can, squat jumps, heel to heel, toe to toe, boxer, side swing crosses. 

Must be able to do one:

walk the dog and catch handle, push up basic,

full twist, 180, 360, M&M, 

coming summer 2019

coming summer 2019

coming summer 2019

  1. June:





    • August 5 Register for the team: bit.ly/ninjas19
      Scholarships available. Subscription payments will start on Sept. 1, 2019. Ask Rene for coupon code for scholarships please. 

    • August 20, show at Terrace Park Elementary 10:30. Leave W Seattle around 8:45am

    • Aug 26-30 Team and Pre Team Camp 1-4PM  Register HERE

    • August 28- first tryouts during camp – other tryout date is Sept. 18 at 5pm

    • August 25 Registration for upcoming team season DUE



    • September 4 – first day of practice

    • September 4, 11, and 18 – checklist work on tryout list. Must compete before end of practice September 18 (list will be sent this summer and posted on the team page)

    • September 18 Tryouts for new athletes at 5PM.  

    • September 29 team parent meeting and team commitment



    • October 2 – official start to team season. 

    • After October 2 – Fall Gathering to welcome new members date TBD

    • Possible speed and power workshop – Canada. (Rene is looking into it)



    • Early November (Saturday) Hot Dog Workshop – all day – optional but suggested