Athletic Edge Jump Rope Workshops

Gain the Athletic Edge Through Jump Rope Training

Skill Builders

Learn 20 creative moves to use in a jump rope inspired workout. This session helps build your skill vocabulary, including foot moves, arm action, manipulation skills, power and inversion moves. This session will give you the skills needed to add creativity to your jump rope workout.

Athletic Edge

Athletic Edge Movements for improved coordination, foot speed, endurance, timing, concentration and muscle confusion. Add court moves with a rope to improve athletic performance in virtually any sport.

Double Under Workshops

Let's keep it simple. Learn how to execute, improve and master the double under with precise movement breakdown, practice time, drills and one on one coaching to fix old patterns.

Rope Training Is Still the Flat-Out Best Training Tool For Agility, Timing, Foot-Speed and Conditioning.

Old school meets new school as Rene trains athletes & coaches on how to put the most reliable of training tools to use with innovative, challenging, exciting techniques that absolutely will enhance athletic performance.

Searching for the Edge?

" Rene Delivers Results "

Everyone knows that rope training works, but employing it to maximize results is the challenge. The medical & sports evidence has been in for years & continues to mount.

Rope training works because it:

  • Demands foot speed
  • Enhances agility
  • Engages the upper & lower body simultaneously
  • Builds the skills required in team sports
  • Challenges athletes
  • Produces superior conditioning results
  • Is inexpensive
  • Can be used virtually anywhere.

But teaching rope jumping the right way so that athletes will use it & benefit from it is the key. That’s where Rene comes in!

Here’s what you get….

-Learn the fundamentals, emphasizing correct form, quickness & keeping it low impact.
-20 basic moves for agility & variety.
-Court moves – this one’s amazing! Put athletes in motion with lateral movement & agility drills that match sport skills but are done while jumping rope! Rene helps your biggest athletes master these.
-Plyometric drills that hit the large muscles & develop explosive power.
-Sprint drills for anaerobic spurts.
-Endurance training techniques.
-A written skills guide with progressive training tips.
-Ongoing demonstrations by a world champion that are informative, motivating & entertaining.

All of this from an articulate communicator who emphasizes success & comprehension.

Options and Rates

Flat-fee rate plan:
90-120 minute clinic: $750.00 plus travel expenses where applicable.
includes instructional videos for the coordinator and session notes. Check to see if Rene may already be in your area or help plan another booking to avoid travel costs. 

Hourly rate plan:
 $35.00 per participant (minimum of 25) plus travel expenses where applicable. 
includes instructional videos for the coordinator and session notes. 

Customize your own session:
Rene is always glad to discuss creative options that fit your needs.

One on One Training:
$125 per hour. 5 Session Minimum paid in advance. 

To get started, or learn more, please fill out the Ropeworks Contact form. Include possible dates and your location.