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Boys and Girls 1st grade and older all skill levels are invited to participate in “Jump Rope For Fun and Fitness”Before and After-School Jump Rope Class. Jumping rope is a wonderful lifetime fitness activity.  Join Ropeworks as we share our “smart sequencing” approach to jumping rope. Our classes help anyone; of any skill level learn the steps to basic, intermediate and advanced level jump rope skills.

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Here’s what our program offers for kids aged 6 and older
Ropeworks is a highly acclaimed Jump Rope program designed by 5 Time World Rope Jumping Champion, Rene Bibaud. Ropeworks is a unique company wiwtiha special focus on youth motivation and fitness. Participants learn developmentally appropriate jump rope skills in a motivating and encouraging atmosphere. 
Best effort, patience, practice and goal setting are the key character education pieces of our program that guide our teaching strategies and classroom management. Our extensive experience in the sport and art of jumping rope provides students with expert instruction and optimal learning. 
Participants of all skill levels will learn single rope skills, partner routines, long rope jumping, double dutch, choreography and more. We play loads of skill building games and create a performance for friends and family. 
Students may choose to enroll for just a season, or enroll throughout the year. Our program offers variations on skill development and varied themes each season. Our program has been offering jump rope classes and teacher training programs around the greater Seattle area for over 20 years with high praise from parents and participants and the schools we work with.

Our hour-long “Rope Jumping for Fun and Fitness”classes include instruction and demonstrations in:

  • Single Rope Skills
  • Partner Routines
  • Double Dutch Jumping
  • Long Rope Skills
  • Group Games
  • Group Choreography and More

Kids work together in a fun and rewarding environment of goal setting, best effort and team building. Play games, learn skills, develop new skills and stay fit in our fun-filled high energy program that really gets you jumpin!

An end of the season performance culminates our program.

Our program is open to kids aged 6 and older. For the Fall Session of each year, however, the program is only open to kids who have completed a full year of Kindergarten.

The fee is $15 per person per class.

The length of a single class is one hour.

Typical sessions run 8-10 weeks depending on school schedules.

Minimum enrollment is 15, Maximum is 35

We offer three seasons – Fall, Winter, Spring

Current Classes are being offered in the Greater Seattle Area. But we’re growing.

Learn more about our program to help more schools offer our unique program.

Please review our services and expectations list prior to filling in the form, to be certain we are a good fit!


No Commitment Required. Get in line for our next opening.

We offer three seasons -Fall, Winter, Spring

We offer before and after school classes.

Priority is given to schools who plan to run the program all year.

Priority is given to schools who already host an existing Ropeworks program.

We only communicate with schools who fill in our online interest form. The form helps us keep our interest list up to date and keep track of first come first served schools. Please initiate things with the form. We can email or phone chat after that.

If we cannot accommodate you now, we will contact you when an opening does occur.

Please review our services and expectations list prior to filling in the form, to be certain we are a good fit!

“Our program is successfully running it’s 15th year and many of our schools have been running Ropeworks programs for 8 or more years each. We have a strong relationship with the schools we work with. It’s our goal to make each class a huge success for the school and children we work with.”


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