Keynote and Corporate

Special Events

Rene Bibaud toured professionally for five years with Cirque du Soleil as an artist and a coach. She then joined the special events team, where she participated in special “one off” productions for corporate clients world-wide, customizing unique acts for each event with her local team, Ropeworks.

Ropeworks shows offer a variety of performance options.  Rene offers solo shows that include performance, story and audience participation.  Her experience as a coach at Cirque and as a business owner lend a unique perspective on team-building and creativity and she uses those experiences in her corporate workshops.

Our group acts include eye popping combinations of acrobatics, dance, double dutch and single rope tricks.  We love to include our audience in a fun and comedic way.

And our Ropeworks Youth Troupe offers low key educational shows for the community. This newly formed recreational demo team can energize your event by demonstrating basic jump rope skills and then teaching them to the children at your event.

Options, Rates and Run-Times

Group Acts: Dynamic group acts demonstrating acrobatics, dance, double dutch and single rope choreographed routines by national and word class jumpers – all choregraphed by Rene Bibaud $2500-$5000 – See Videos below. 

High-energy entertainment/ice-breaker: Rene performs a 2 minute solo act to music.  Her routine is easily expanded with fun audience participation, again set to music, concluding with another brief solo. The time of this act can be tailored to company’s needs – from the 3-4 minute solo up to a 7 minute solo/interactive act. $350 – $750

A powerful, high-energy, and memorable 20 to 30-minute presentation about team building. Rene’s performance skills opens things, not only to entertain, but to draw conference goers or attendees into the moment; then she gets to work with volunteers and uses the rope as a living metaphor to convey a series of points that are insightful about human nature and teamwork; the physical/mental challenges of breaking skills down into tasks that can be completed are fun and revealing; some true teamwork assignments with the rope force issues of risk taking, trust, communications, and decision making within working relationships; the payoff is always successful if teamwork results; the context is unique, hands-on and good natured…to the point of being great humor at times. The session moves very quickly. Powerful in its brevity and the type of session that gets the energy level back up after a lull. $1000 – $1500 

Performance combined with articulate “themed” presentation: Rene’s rare combination of talents enticed Cirque du Soleil to recruit her to coach, choreograph and perform with their elite Olympic-caliber athletes. Cirque is a billion dollar Entertainment Corporation with a steep growth curve, in demand around the world. Rene was asked to step in and upgrade an already established segment of their business. Rene discusses the universally challenging task of managing talented human capital, but the context is fascinating and utterly unique. Cirque receives 100 applications per week from professional athletes from around the world. Fewer than 50 are extended offers per year. Rene was given the daunting responsibility of asking established “stars” to re-deploy their talents in new ways as Cirque sought to enhance performance. Not only did she contend with the issue of massively talented people being challenged in new ways, but she also grappled with diversity issues as the minority American in a troupe dominated by European and Asian performers. Samuel Johnson said, “We more often need to be reminded than instructed.”       When dealing with top talent, chief management must find unique tools to remind and reinvigorate people about their missions. High-energy performances begin and end this truly unique presentation. $1500 –  $2000


Videos of Ropeworks In Action