Announcing the launch of Ropeworks, Jump Rope App

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my FREE Ropeworks Jump Rope App!  Seattle Summers create a huge excuse to stay outside and play all day. But this Summer, I buckled down, and dedicated hundreds of hours creating an inspiring program to promote this wonderful lifetime fitness activity.   Admittedly, the first edition is […]


New Jump Rope Video Series and Iphone App!

I’m excited to announce that our new line of videos and Iphone app are nearing completion in preparation for the new school year. I’ll be excited to attend several PE conferences this year and share more on our approach and new teaching tools.

parnter routine

Instant Activities and Jump Rope Goal Posters

Visual aids can go a long way in helping increasing student comprehension, adding appeal, motivating and directing students for desired outcomes.  These visual aids serve a variety of useful purposes, but we’ll focus on their use as goal setting aids, instant activities and  teaching tools for skill acquisition as it relates to rope jumping. When […]

Jump Rope Poster Goal Setting

Creating a Freestyle Routine – A Jump Rope Guide for Teachers and Individuals

Rope jumping is one of the most rewarding forms of jump rope. It allows the opportunity for creativity, self expression, performance, practice and memorization. In this segment I give you the tools to help your students create routines easily and effectively. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE); a national leader in advocacy, […]