Ropeworks The art of jumping rope. 

Ropeworks is the creation of Rene Bibaud.  Rene is a five-time world champion, former ESPN commentator for the sport of jumping rope and artist and coach of the renowned Cirque Du Soleil. She is an educator, motivational speaker and entertainer with a special focus on fitness and specialty performances.  She excels at sharing the benefits of the single best fitness tool available – the jump rope.

Find Inspiration, Learn Techniques & Develop Proficiency

Ropeworks offers classes, resources and products to help anyone learn the joy and artistry of rope jumping.  Our training materials help educators share rope jumping with their students in an incredibly effective manner. Learn more below.

We excel at sharing the benefits of the single best fitness tool available
– the jump rope.

“I just finished one of the best weeks I have had as a teacher! I couldn’t be happier with how the week went and I encourage anyone with the resources available to get work with Ropeworks. Rene is an unbelievable performer, a great motivator, and one of those rare people who are able to take a complicated move and break it down so anyone can learn it.”  – Robin Walker – Carmel, IN.



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Primary Products & Services

School Inservice

ALL DAY In-Service Program
Rope jumping and fitness instruction for all students at your school.
Rene will spend ALL DAY at your school. She’ll begin the morning with her popular “My Life as a Hot Dog” jump rope assembly. The rest of the day Rene will teach her jump rope and fitness workshops to your students. Rene has been teaching her skills for over 25 years and implements a “success oriented” curriculum while re-emphasizing the character education points made during the show. The fee for an ALL DAY workshop is $1500.00.

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School Assemblies

“My Life as a Hot Dog”
The powerful 45-minute program combines dazzling performances with fun interactive audience participation.
While the entertainment grabs the kids’ attention, René masterfully anchors essential messages about best effort, determination and fitness.

Students are enthralled and motivated. Faculty and staff are equally moved and leave with a persuasive tool for the classroom. As one teacher said in 2009, “For the remainder of the school year, every time I needed to give a child a boost, I just said, ‘Remember René.’” Learn More

Fees: One show $695  Two Shows, Same School $995 Family Night Event Only $695 Family Night with Day Event $495

Teacher Resources

Ultimate Skill Builders Teaching System is a robust all-in-one suite of products that add visual aid and smart sequencing to your curriculum.  All of the components work seamlessly together using a color coded system.  An online library of 92 single rope skills is neatly organized for ease of use during class.  And bonus material such as partner routines, long rope jumping and double dutch are included in this extensive streaming video service.
All of this from an articulate communicator who emphasizes success & comprehension.  Learn more here.

Fees: Our Complete Skill Builder System is $250.00

Free Visual Aids Teaching with posters and cue cards can be helpful in assisting your students understand concepts.  We’ve posted some of our goal posters and other freebies, just for you. We highly recommend our Skill Builder System for anyone who wants to build a strong and robust jump rope program.   Learn more here.

Workshops Ropeworks offers a variety of teacher training sessions. Our topics include: Skill development and breakdown, Partner Routines, Long Rope Games and Activities, and Double Dutch.  In addition to thse popular teacher traning workshops, we offer “The Athletic Edge – Rope Jumping for Improved Athletic Performance. To book Ropeworks for your next convention or event, contact our office at  Typical booking fees are travel expenses, plus $500 and a complimentary exhibit booth. We also offer longer day pre-convention teacher training sessions. The cost is $1500

Fees: Regular Session – $500 All Day
Pre-Convention (5 hours) $1500 plus travel and accomodations

Certification We offer 3 levels of certification for individuals interested in running a Ropeworks program of their own.  Learn from our video series, online course and during our hands on workshops and school visits. Contact us to learn more.

Fees: Level One – $495 Level Two $395 Level Two : $295 (includes the Skill Builders System)

Training Sessions & Workshops

Group Workshops We offer small and group workshops for anyone wanting to learn how to improve their rope jumping techniques. Minimum of 20 participants at $25 each.

For individuals in Seattle, (or when Rene is on tour in your area) we have limited space to offer  one-on-one training sessions.  Performing artists, Adult Life Athletes, can hire Rene. Typical fee is $150 for a 45 minute session.  Contact our office to schedule a possible workshop or personal training session.

Fees: $25 per person, minimum 20 participants for group training
$150 for 45 minutes – for individual personal traning

Printable Posters
Visit our freebies section for posters and printables for use in your youth program. Please contact Ropeworks with special requests for your next event and we can customize a freebie according to your needs. Go HERE

The Athletic Edge Everyone knows that rope training works, but employing it to maximize results is the challenge. The medical & sports evidence has been in for years & continues to mount.

Rope training works because it:

Demands foot speed
Enhances agility
Engages the upper & lower body simultaneously
Builds the skills required in team sports
Challenges athletes
Produces superior conditioning results
Is inexpensive
Can be used virtually anywhere.

But teaching rope jumping the right way so that athletes will use it & benefit from it is the key. That’s where Rene comes in!

Learn more here.

Fees: $25 per person, minimum 20 participants