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    Long Handled Freestyle Rope

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    Reach further with this extended rope handle and lightweight cord for a nice fast spin.
    Cords do not get twisted and tangled. Used by schools, teams, clubs, and for fitness. All ropes are easily adjustable.

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    Licorice Speed Basic Rope

    $5.00$7.00 Select options

    Looking for a quality jump rope at a low cost? This licorice speed rope is the perfect starter rope for kids, adults and athletes.

    4′ to 4’9″: 7ft ropes
    4’10” to 5’6″: 8ft ropes
    5’7″ to 5’11”: 9′ ropes
    6 to 6’6″: 10′ ropes
    6’7″ and over: 11′ ropes

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    Beaded Double Dutch Jump Ropes

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    Beaded double dutch ropes for fun and fitness.