Skill Card Activities

Your jump rope skill cards represent 6 different styles or types of  jump rope skills, color coded for ease of use and creative activities.  The wide range of type, difficulty levels and required steps to success will help retain student engagement and oftentimes lead to longer bouts of practice.  The 6 types of skills are:

  • Turns & Change of Direction: Turning around or changing the direction of the rope (such as from forward to backward jumping or a full 360 degree turn) Yellow
  • Power: Also known as “Multiples”. Any skill where the rope passes under you more than one time per jump. (I.E: double under or triple under) Orange
  • Manipulation: Rope spins, releases and creative ways to use the rope, oftentimes without jumping over the rope. Maroon
  • Strength and Inversion: These skills often use body weight, or displacement such as a squat or push up. Oftentimes they require more strength to perform them. Purple
  • Arm Action: Any skill where the arms are not placed in their typical position. Examples would be crosses, or side swing crosses. Blue
  • Footwork: Anything done with the feet such as skiers or jack jumps. Green

There are 92 total skill cards, and each category will contain a different number of actual skills.

Turns/Change of Direction: 14

  • Power: 9
  • Manipulation:18
  • Strength and Inversion:16
  • Arm Action:12
  • Footwork: 23
  • Challenge cards: 9

The cards are numbered in order of general difficulty within each type.

Each card includes a hand drawn image of the skill being performed along with basic written instructions.

All skills are performed through our online video library.  Your skill cards purchase provides you with lifetime access to the video demonstrations.

In addition to the numbering system, each card provides a relative difficulty rating from 1-5 using red stars in the upper left corner.  One red star is considered least challenging and the max 5 stars would be considered most challenging for most.

Most cards provide a challenge on the backside of the card. This helps with differentiation for students who are ready to progress.

Here’s your video library.  Make sure you have your log in credentials to access your videos:

You can also view the videos at or you can see a full page of animated gifs at (if you choose this option, please load the page early.  It will take some time for all images to load.)

Happy Jumping,

Rene Bibaud