K/1 Foundation Builders & Skills

Foundation Builders

Swing & Stop
Swing, Wait, Jump
Bunny Jump 
Jog N Jump
Basic Bounce

Getting Started

Great Tips for Very Beginners

Foundation Builders

Swing N Stop. Swing Wait Jump, Bunny Jump and Basic Bounce and Jog N Jump
New Jumpers Just learning the Jog N Jump!

Assisted Swing and Catch and Spinning Drills

Assisting Swing & Catch
Jog N Jump Getting Better!

See What's Possible

Jump Rope Enthusiasts share their passion

Starter Skills

One Foot Hop
Backward Jumping
Walk the Dog
Jack Jump

Bonus Skills

Arm Wrap
Helicopter to Blender
One Arm Forward Swing
Behind the Back Pass

One Arm Figure 8
Squat Jump
Shin Smack
Continuous X Foot
Body Wrap

All K/1 Skills