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Ropeworks Lesson Plan #1

5 min. Introduction
Handout jump ropes, watch kids jump around to get a feel for ability level of the group.
Sit group down, introduce yourself and go over class expectations.
1. Try your best.
2. When I am talking, hold your ropes still.
3. Ask permission to use the restroom.
4. Best effort, avoid comparisons, work at own pace, mistakes will happen.

2 Minutes – Set Induction
Perform some skills for students and discuss the fun and fitness aspects of jumping rope.
Show a highlight video from your Skill Builders Library Tournament of Champions  or Skill Builders Freestyle Jumping
Now is such a great time to anchor essential messages about goal setting and effort. 

10 min. Teach Personal best
Begin with Ready Position, swing and catch then proceed with jumping.
Break down rules of Personal Best.
1. Count your jumps.
2. When you make a mistake sit down and wait for others.
3. Remember your score so you can beat the next time.
Do Personal Best two times to get kids warmed up and so they understand the task.

15 min. Teach New Skills
1. Eagle, Ready Position, Swing and Catch
2. 2 jump bunny hop, 2 jump challenge, Age Challenge, 20 jump challenge, double under challenge. (Compare Two foot basic with the jump and bounce)
3. Skill Builders Series 1-2
*Remind students that if they can do it forwards, try it backwards.
*IMPORTANT: You are establishing a new working relationship with your students. Provide massive encouragement, specific feedback, avoid coddling and reward effort. Help your students recognize their small successes so they are encouraged.
Finish new skills with having 4 kids demo the challenge trick.

10 min. Partner skills: Teach Big Buddy, demo with a student
Assign older students with younger or more experienced, with less experienced jumpers.
Show the Buddy Routine by video or demonstration.
5 jumps together
Little Buddy (lb) hop one foot 3 times
lb turn in one circle
lb jump out of rope to the side
lb jump back in to rope from the side
bb travel away
bb travel back

Task 1: Perform 5 jumps no mistake. See teacher for next challenge once complete. Return for each task once complete
Task 2: lb hop on one foot hop, 3x
Task 3: lb turn in one circle
Task 4: lb jump out
Task 5: lb jump in
Task 6: bb travel away
Task 7: bb travel back
Task 8: Try the whole routine together

Introduce your music selection and show students the timing to start jumping.  Everyone try it together, starting on the music at the right time.  Repeat until it seems memorized.
Variation: Contest – Which team can buddy jump the longest?


15 min. Double Dutch
1. Have students line up and practice correct form with jumps
2. Have students standing so they can see the ropes. Each kid gets one turn starting inside or trying to jump in.
For classes with more than 15 students, do this as station work. Other stations can be: work on skills you learned so far, work on personal best, choose a new skill from Skill Builders Library (members only)

5 min. Rapid Fire or Watermelon
See Rapid Fire or Watermelon under ACTIVITIES


Final words of encouragement.  Class review:

  1. Did you do your best?
  2. Were you kind to one another?
  3. Did you improve at your own rate?
  • Difficulty:
  • Lesson Time: 60
  • Suggested Age: 6 and older
  • Skill types:
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