"My Life as a Hot Dog"

The Story of a World Champion
Rene Bibaud failed to make her elementary school’s Hot Dogs jump rope team as a 10-year old.
Today, decades later, René has: won five world championships; toured the world as a coach and featured performer for the renowned Cirque du Soleil; appeared on television, in feature films, and on thousands of stages; provided color commentary for ESPN; and, created her own business with a mission of youth motivation and fitness.

Through a captivating blend of performance, story and audience participation, Rene delivers an invaluable program for students and educators.

The powerful 45-minute program combines dazzling performances with fun interactive audience participation.
While the entertainment grabs the kids’ attention, René masterfully anchors essential messages about best effort, determination and fitness.

Students are enthralled and motivated. Faculty and staff are equally moved and leave with a persuasive tool for the classroom. As one teacher said in 2009, “For the remainder of the school year, every time I needed to give a child a boost, I just said, ‘Remember René.’”

During this Action-Oriented Fitness Based School Program, students are captivated by Solo Performances, Excited to Participate, and Inspired by meaningful messages.

Rene combines her skills as a professional rope jumper, educator, entertainer and role-model while demonstrating dazzling moves that students can learn to incorporate into a lifetime of fitness, while the content translates easily into any anti bully program, red ribbon week activities or character education program.  Please ask Rene for any special requests to tailor a program just for you.

“We have many different assemblies come to Russell throughout each school year, but I have never heard so many compliments before… from the students, our staff, and the administrators.”—Krissa Baylor, Milpitas, CA
“This past year, I visited more than 100 schools and worked with well over 100,000 children and educators. What a privilege to call this my job!
“I’ve tried to create a program that delivers great value as a stand-alone service about character development and fitness. Yet it’s a wonderful compliment when schools ask me to work with them to achieve specific goals, such as school-year kick-offs to emphasize best effort, working with anti-bullying and Red Ribbon Drug Prevention programs, helping to instill a sense of community or team within schools, and mid-year or school ending special events.

“Truly, it’s my mission and my obligation to deliver the highest quality program to each school with which I work.

“I hope to have the opportunity to visit your school.”

Rene Bibaud

School Shows

“My Life as a Hot Dog”
Jump Rope Assembly – A 45-minute motivational school show.

Rene combines her skills as a professional rope jumper, educator, entertainer, athlete and role model for a dynamic and inspirational program. Rene has the unique ability to engage very large audiences, and kids of all ages. Schools continue to comment on Rene’s style of connecting with kids. The fee is $695.00 for one program and $995.00 for two shows at the same school. For Grade K-12

In Service

ALL DAY In-Service Program
Rope jumping and fitness instruction for all students at your school.
Rene will spend ALL DAY at your school. She’ll begin the morning with her popular “My Life as a Hot Dog” jump rope assembly. The rest of the day Rene will teach her jump rope and fitness workshops to your students. Rene has been teaching her skills for over 25 years and implements a “success oriented” curriculum while re-emphasizing the character education points made during the show. The fee for an ALL DAY workshop is $1500.00.

Evening Programs/Family Night

Evening Shows/Family Night
For Fitness, Fun and Family.
Students will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting workout, demonstration and unique sharing of some of Rene’s exciting experiences traveling the world with the Circus. Family members will have the chance to participate and learn more about the benefits of this incredible lifetime fitness activity and experience the positive impact of Rene’s jump rope program. It is guaranteed to be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for everyone. The fee for an evening performance is $400.00 when combined with a daytime jump rope assembly program or $695 as a stand alone program.

“Frankly, I was a little worried whether the program would be considered a deserving expenditure of precious funds. All fears were dashed…the reviews were rave! René Bibaud is an incredible school speaker and certainly made me look good. What an awesome school assembly.”
-Gail Frederick, Grosse Pointe, MI

Scheduling Rene

There’s a form below. Once you send an email, we can get to work answering your questions, and settling on a date that works.

You’ll either be setting up a new tour, or tagging onto an existing schedule.

Rene is based in Seattle.  So area schools are more likely to receive a show date since travel is not required.

René usually schedules a visit to an area when at least six schools within
fairly close proximity are set to host her. If that number of schools is scheduled, then expenses other than René’s normal performance fee are waived. Please see the fee schedule and discounts listed below.

Although we do our best to accommodate all requests, there are a limited number of schools that René can visit in a given school year. So we appreciate as much notice as possible.

If you are able to help us in networking with other schools, that will expedite the scheduling process. The effort to schedule six schools in an area is dramatically reduced when school personnel work together to spread the word.

Fee Schedule & Discounts*

Single 45-minute assembly……………………………………..$ 695
Two assemblies at one school…………………………………$ 995
Full day in-service……………………………………………$1500
Workshops & Family Nights…………………..Please call for pricing options

*These fees apply when at least six schools are scheduled for one visit to an area.

How do we network with area schools in order to have travel expenses waived?

This usually isn’t a difficult task. We find that schools receive a large volume of solicitations, so most principals and teachers welcome recommendations from a trusted local contact. If you’re willing to make a quick call to nearby schools to state your confidence in René’s program, then that’s frequently all the assistance we need.

We expect to do most of the “leg work” in setting up a visit to your area. If you can provide names of schools or contacts within schools who might like to host René, then that’s greatly appreciated. And of course we’re grateful for advice on the most sensible sequence for scheduling schools because you better understand the logistics of your area.

There is a flat fee of $500 added to your show fee, if you decide to book a show for a specific event and no other schools are scheduled.

How do most schools pay for Rene's appearance?

Some schools have “school enrichment program” budgets that pay for an appearance by René. Others count on their PTOs or PTAs to fund special programs. René is often invited to appear as the result of grant monies being available for specific services. Arts and dance grants have paid for René to work at schools. Fitness related funding from the Federal Government or private foundations has also been used to bring René to an area. Even businesses with a special connection to a school or a cause have been known to fund her appearances. So even if funding seems tight, think creatively!

Because René’s business is not a nonprofit, she cannot apply directly to most grant sources for funding. But if we can be of assistance in providinginformation for a grant application, we will certainly help in any way we can. If your PTO or PTA is considering nonprofit status, that may make it easier for you to apply for foundation funding. Usually the grant process takes considerable advanced planning.

When should we attempt to schedule Rene?

René does her very best to accommodate all requests. But there are a limited number of schools that she can visit in a year, so we ask for as much notice as possible to guarantee availability. Spring (for the upcoming school year) and fall seem to be the two best times but always feel free to contact us to check for availability.

Keep in mind that even if you aren’t certain about your show date, or are waiting to secure funding, it’s better to let us know so that we can keep you in mind and contact you if a tour nearby is being planned.

“Success breeds great self-esteem. Children were ‘walking taller’ after René spent time with us. An incredibly valuable program—I’d recommend it to anyone.”
Bernie Zwettler, Madison WI
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“What people need to know about Rene is she is more than an entertainer – she’s a teacher and a motivator.  She’s engaging, she’s exciting, and she’s an incredible athlete.  But most importantly, she’s sending a great message about fitness and determination.” 

 – Patti Tibaldi, National and State Coaching Halls of Fame & Coordinator for the largest federal fitness grant in the State of Michigan.  Patti has hosted Rene’s school assemblies at 20+ events on 3 separate visits in the past 6 months.

“I just finished one of the best weeks I have had as a teacher! I couldn’t be happier with how the week went and I encourage anyone with the resources available to get Rene to your school (State Conference, District Training, anywhere teachers would be). Rene is an unbelievable performer, a great motivator, and one of those rare people who are able to take a complicated move and break it down so a kindergartner or first grader can learn it…” –  Robin Walker, Towne Meadow Elementary School, Carmel, Indiana

“René is a natural on stage and she dazzled our lower and middle school students with her  “My Life as a Hot Dog” jump rope assembly. She is a‘must-have’ guest speaker for all schools!” – Shannon Graves, Kamuela, HI.

“René is tremendous. Not only is she incredibly talented, but more importantly, she delivers a wonderful and useful message. I could not recommend this powerful presentation strongly enough.” Dan Maslana, Pleasanton, CA.

Testimonials by State


“With Rene, obviously, people see an individual with unbelievable jump roping skills and onstage charisma, but more than that I would mention:
1) The great message you relay to the students about not giving up, keep on trying, it’s ok to make mistakes
2) The great rapport you develop with all the students as the show moves along
3) The amazing number of jump ropes that appeared at recess after your performance! It is one of the bets assemblies I have seen in 34 years as a physical education teacher. My students will remember this forever!”

From Teachers and Students:
“Also, one boy who was chosen to participate was made to feel so great—he was very proud of himself as he received many ‘high fives’ from classmates upon returning to his area. Rene, it is obvious that you are very, very good at what you do.”
-Bob Watson, Physical Education Teacher
Manzanita School
Phoenix, AZ

“Rene’s dynamic presentation was energizing, motivational, inspirational, and informative. Weeks and months later we still have children, both boys and girls, interested in jumping rope. Teachers were thanking me for booking Rene’s Ropeworks for weeks.”
“Rene got everyone excited. We couldn’t stop talking about her.”
-Debbie Erbstoesser, PTO–Cultural Arts Chair
Lookout Mountain
Phoenix, AZ


“Thank you for coming out here. Thank you for caring enough to teach. Thank you for the fun you create. Thank you for using your talent for the benefit of others. Thank you for your kind heart. I know for my kids, they really needed to have you. You inspire my students, staff and me.”
-Heather Cross, After School Program
Alford Unified School District

“Rene is an exceptional performer and an outstanding teacher. She led workshops with my students in which she expertly broke down new skills and challenged kids at every skill level. She has great classroom and time management, which allowed her to really make the most of each class period. Rene’s assembly was spectacular. The kids were dazzled by her amazing skill with a rope and they really enjoyed all of the audience interaction and participation. Most of all, our students were inspired by Rene’s motivational messages that were woven throughout her workshops and performance: do your personal best, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t ever give up. She has left a lasting impression on our school!”“Rene was very professional and easy to work with. She arrived on time and well prepared. It was truly a pleasure to have her at our school.”
-Irene Rose, PE Teacher
Prospect Sierra School
El Cerrito, CA

“On behalf of the students, staff and parents of Almond School, I want to say THANK YOU for your wonderful jump rope assembly presentation on January 10, 2005. What a pleasure it was to meet you! You are an amazing person and I want to personally thank you for sharing your heart with our community. I know many individuals were touched and charged by your message of inner strength, persistence and confidence. Oh, and I tried (and continue to try) the “pretzel” and it is definitely harder than it looks….so, now, I am an in even more awe of your talent! Again, thanks for the great assembly.”
-Jennie Little
Los Altos, CA

“Believe me…the pleasure was all ours! We have many different assemblies come to Russell throughout each school year, but I have never heard so many compliments before…from the students, our staff, and the administrators. They all LOVED you! Not only were your performances thrilling, but you have an excellent rapport with the students, and an inspiring message. Although we alternate assemblies every other year, you will be at the top of my list for the 2005-2006 school year!”
-Dr. Krissa Baylor
Milipitas, CA

“Rene is tremendous. Not only is she incredibly talented, but more importantly, she delivers a wonderful and useful message, and she understands how to deliver that message to the grade 1-5 audience. Totally professional and inspiring! I could not recommend this powerful presentation strongly enough. Hope you’ll come again our way.”

-Dan Maslana

Mohr Elementary School

Pleasanton, CA

“‘My life as a Hot Dog’ was a wonderful show! Our school really enjoyed the program. Rene had a great message about trying your best always and never giving up. She invited students to come forward during the show and try difficult jump rope moves—and with encouragement, they were all successful. The feeling those students came away with was priceless. After the show, our school purchased jump ropes, which now provide our students with a healthy, encouraging activity during recess.”
“Your show was great. Thank you so much!”
– Elizabeth Bartholomew
Loma Vista Middle School
Riverside, CA

“Rene’s performance was outstanding. Everyone, all ages, were thrilled with her high energy, motivational performance. Rene included students of all ages, as well as staff in her performance. She’s fabulous! Teachers said they had not seen so many jump ropes in use during the next recess! It was a wonderful day for all of us.”
-Kim Austin
Linda School
Marysville, CA

“The message to the students was loud and clear–stay healthy, stay active. They loved the assembly. Your position, motivation, and enthusiasm was especially contagious. We as teachers especially like the message of not giving up and to practice so you can get better.”
-Maureen Cordina, ETAP
Philip J. O’Reilly School
Mission Viejo, CA


“Rene does an incredible job with the jump rope. The kids were amazed at her abilities. They have been practicing jumping in their free time and are eager to start their own jump rope team. Thanks for coming out to our school. Everyone truly enjoyed your presentation and ability. You really lit a fire under our students to jump rope.”

-Steve Griffin

Watkinsville, GA

“Rene Bibaud has an excellent presentation. It is motivational and mesmerizing. She completely energizes her audience and captivates the students. She draws them in so well that there are no discipline problems. I would highly recommend her to you. Although her presentation was great, the most impressive thing about Rene was her foot speed and quickness. I have coached college and professional (NFL) football, and Rene might just have the quickest feet of any athlete I have ever seen. Her ability to improve athletic performance is awesome! Not only is she a great performer, she is an excellent coach/teacher.”

-John Bobo

Acworth, GA

“Rene was a big hit with not only our students, but our staff as well. I heard comments for weeks after the presentation.”

-Mike Tenoschok

Kennesaw, GA

“This is an unbelievable presentation of all of the character words we learn about all year. Not only does Rene present an entertaining and awesome display of jump roping, she teaches the students to never give up, try their best, and to not compare yourself to others. The students really “GOT IT!” We talked about the key points Rene talked about and all of the age group children understood and comprehended it. Rene can handle the crowd so well—I even learned some strategies from her for my classroom! She was the best program we have ever had at a school assembly—all the teachers agree!”

-Nancy Janas

Marietta, GA

“Extremely beneficial with regards to fitness. Students were very excited and are looking forward to the Jump Rope for Heart program. The message is outstanding and I think all elementary students should see the show.”

-Jim Sterling

Acworth, GA

“Most said it was the best show we’ve ever had. Kids were talking about it weeks after the show. Kids have been asking if you are coming back again. They loved it.”

-David Worrall

Acworth, GA

“Rene’ is not only an incredible performer, but she is a skilled educator as well. Throughout her exciting jump rope demonstrations, Rene’ teaches valuable character lessons. Children are taught that it is OK to make a mistake and that it is most important that they try their best and work at their own level. Rene’ is a master of crowd control and demands respect from her audience. Her show is a perfect balance of personal background information, demonstration, audience participation, and instruction. Rene’ entertains with her amazing jumprope routines and leaves her audience in awe!
Your show is really exceptional. Everyone at our school enjoyed your performance. The children are still talking about you and wishing you could be with us for Jump Rope For Heart! What a wonderful program you are bringing to so many youngsters across the country! You have made a lasting impression on our kids at Kennesaw.”

-Patti Zaino, first grade teacher

Kennesaw Elementary

Acworth, GA

“Her show at our school was a huge hit with our sixth graders! They were amazed by the skills and routines she performed (mesmerized actually), and really benefitted from her message of trying your best and it’s okay to make a mistake. Learn from your mistakes and keep on trying! If you make a mistake, you simply work to fix it.

Rene also does a wonderful job of student inclusion in her assembly as well as getting some willing faculty members involved! She will make any student regardless of ability experience success with her rope works skills..
Keep up the great work Rene!”
-Salice Russom
Ford Elementary

“You have sparked my enthusiasm to have the best year yet with my jump rope team. I cannot wait to show the team your video. I got home Saturday and watched the whole video and I was so excited. I think it is the best teaching resource for jump rope that I have ever seen. Thank you so much for the video! I know that the students will want to begin right away with those cool moves. I really needed something to put some pizzaz in our routines and I think this is just what I was looking for! I only hope that I can become an influence on my students as you have been on me.”
-Krissie Jackson
Physical Education Specialist
Acworth Elementary School

“Having Rene come perform at Kennesaw Elementary was the highlight performance of the school year. The children and staff members were amazed at her rope jumping talents as well as her ability to inspire and motivate the children. Hearing Rene’s own story about being a participant in Jump Rope For Heart when she was an elementary student was good for the young kids to relate. The children also truly enjoyed being a part of the show – getting to jump rope with Rene was an incredible experience for them. Rene’s message to the children about trying your best, working at your own level, and that it is okay to make mistakes is something my students are still talking about. Rene was very good when working with the kids individually and as a crowd. She was an amazing performer and a true dose of entertainment at our school! Her show was the exact type I hope for each time a performer comes to Kennesaw.”
-Emily Adams, Physical Educator, State Coordinator for the Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
Kennesaw Elementary School
Kennesaw, GA


“Rene Bibaud’s performance assembly was captivating, engaging and energizing! The students were amazed at all the incredible things you can do with a rope. Rene possesses all the skills of a teacher—managing a crowd, focusing their attentions, modeling, guided performance and independent practice. She has the knack of choosing the most unlikely candidates to demonstrate and turns them all into temporary “Jump Rope Professionals.” All students were pumped with self esteem and wonder. They have been flabbergasted for the week.

The benefits: Rene spoke the same language as we do being physical educators. So that helps drive home the point from a different reference and perspective, totally validating the message.

What was cool:
1. The students actually felt like they were there during the big screen DVD film presentation of Cirque du Soleil.
2. Girls can have amazing talents and do whatever they set their mind to.

The effect on the students and teachers: Awe, admiration, stoked, “Don’t give up!,” keep trying!, Do your best! It was perfect because we were in the middle of a jump rope unit of PE. They attached their skills with new vigor. We culminated everything with a “Just Jump” filed day a week after and raised a substantial sum for Jump Rope for Heart.

Overall: Dynamic show, wish she was part of our crew.”-
– Mary S. Wood, Project Director/PAR Excellence, Senior Program Director for Waimea Family YMCA, Physical Educator
Waimea Elementary School
Kamuela, HI

“Rene is a natural on stage an she ingenuously incorporates her inspirational message of working together, trying your best, working hard, and not giving up in a thrilling demonstration. She dazzled our lower and middle school students at Hawaii Preparatory academy with her world championship jump rope skills. Her interaction with student volunteers and everyone in the audience was beautiful to watch; everyone was engaged and we all left her presentation smiling and motivated. She is a “must-have” guest speaker for all schools!”
-Shannon Graves
Hawaii Preparatory Academy
Kamuela, HI


“I just finished one of the best weeks I have had as a teacher! Our PTO grants an artist-in-resident annually and the four special teachers (art, music, media, and PE rotate it). Since I had no idea who to get and it was my turn I immediately went to my favorite list-serv (naspe pe talk) and posed this situation to the readers. I was flooded with lots of good ideas and I checked into most of them. At least four or five responders recommended Rene Bibaud, a jump rope artist. I really liked the idea of jump rope because we do it anyway, and it’s an inexpensive type of activity which most kids can do anywhere, anytime, and totally unsupervised. Well, I couldn’t be happier with how the week went and I encourage anyone with the resources available to get Rene to your school (State Conference, District Training, anywhere teachers would be). Rene is an unbelievable performer, a great motivator, and one of those rare people who are able to take a complicated move and break it down so a kindergartner or first grader can learn it. She had every single kid in our school successfully doing double dutch! She almost seemed Psychic because she could always pick the most unconfident kid in the class, she would then have them go first and they would always succeed! You could see that Child’s posture grow about six inches with pride and self-confidence when they were done! I have already heard from parents who told me their kids bypassed their normal after-school TV show and went straight outside and practiced the things Rene taught them in gym today! Many kids I would expect this behavior from, but some of the parents were those of kids who disliked jump rope before working with Rene.”

-Robin Walker

Towne Meadow Elementary School

Carmel, Indiana


“Kids, teachers and administration loved Rene’s visit to our school. She was organized, funny, talented and her message was very easy to get. Rene is a treat for all when visiting your school.”

Other Notes: “Although Rene prefers several schools to contract her before a visit is scheduled, she and the contract person work hard to find other schools in the area along with you.”
-Teri Nelson
St. Margaret mary School
Louisville, KY


“Rene is truly gifted and a gift to not only fitness and rope skipping, but kids, motivation, and PE teachers. Her workshop with kids and performance were motivating and exciting. She delivers a powerful message of trying your best through a medium kids are very familiar with—jump rope. Her personality and performance exude energy, enthusiasm and kindness. She interacts in an unbelievable way with kids of all abilities and backgrounds. She is worth every penny of her performance fee and more.”

-Val Rossman

Battle Creek, MI

“Rene is world class! Outstanding skills. I liked the way the students were involved—both audience and volunteers. I don’t think we would ever tire of seeing such a skillful performer.”

-Tom Van Deventer

Petoskey, MI

“Unbelievable! Audience was amazed—great message for students and adults—try best—keep trying—work at own level. It was very valuable to have kids (all ages/levels) participate to role model your lesson to all. You made the day for some our ‘at-risk’ babies. Thanks.”

-Sue Strabel

Traverse City, MI

“The Show was fantastic! The kids really enjoyed all the positive aspects to the show. The message was very clear—never give up and work hard!! Your ability to work with adults and kids is amazing! We had a lot of positive comments from staff, students and parents. My students couldn’t wait to try the pretzel!”
-Judy Hart, Physical Educator
Logan Elementary
Ann Arbor, MI

“Though I was unable to see your assembly at Old Mission Peninsula Elementary School in Traverse City, everyone I have talked to says it was great—your performance, your interaction with the children, and you message all got rave reviews. Thanks for working the timing out with us.”

-Lynda Dillon Orr

Traverse City, MI

“The assembly was great! It got the children excited to jump rope and just to get up and exercise. The teachers loved it too! The involvement with the kids participating was great too! I really loved the part where you were teaching them that making mistakes is ok and to focus on what you are doing and not worry about how others are doing! It was a great show! Thank you.”

-Vicki LaCross

Traverse City, MI

“Excellent—the children loved watching their peers be involved with the show. The length is perfect for elementary age. Core values blended into performance—fantastic!”

-Jodi Soper

Traverse City, MI

“The program was organized and positive. I enjoyed the student participation and the positive message. It was age appropriate and an important message.”

-Kim Wright, Glen Lake, MI

“Wonderful jump roping/communication/teaching skills and rapport and message.”

-Patti Tibaldi, Traverse City, MI

“Rene’s presentation has been the highlight of our 2004/2005 school year and the best school assembly at Bates Elementary in the past 13 years. The assembly was a wonderful way to kick-off our Jump Rope for Heart event and so much more. Students, staff and parents were in awe of her dazzling freestyle routine as she demonstrated her unforgettable jump rope skills. The message she conveyed to over 600 was equally impressive. Rene explained how she tried out for a jump rope team in fifth grade but wasn’t good enough—you could have heard a pin drop. Her passion to help others and share the joys of jump roping came through loud and clear. Students eagerly volunteered to go on stage to jump as Rene inspired them to try your best, work at your level and be willing to make mistakes as you continue trying. We didn’t want the assembly to end! Everyone left with a bounce in their step; spirits lifted and motivated to continue their personal jump rope journey for fun and fitness. Also, Rene is a true educator and unbelievable performer. The students were jump roping for joy as they were going down the hall after the assembly!”

-Mary Ann Reardon

Woodhaven, MI

“Don’t think twice…children were enthralled and excited by the message and performance.”

-Brenda Crane


“I would highly recommend the program that Rene Bibaud presented to our school. Students, parents, and teachers were still talking about Rene weeks after her presentation. Her rope jumping skills were simply astounding. But, what I found so impressive was how effectively she conveyed her message. My students, first grade to fifth grade, were able to relate to the ideas: Never giving up, work at your own level, try your best and it is ok to “mess up”! In addition, both parents and teachers were very complimentary of the program and especially Rene’s ability to involve children in her jumping; children of all levels of ability! My schools PTO sponsored Rene’s visit. Frankly, I was a little worried about how the program would be received and whether it would be considered a deserving expenditure of precious funds. All fears were dashed when I was told by numerous parents, that coincidentally there was a PTO board meeting that evening and the reviews were rave! Parents who had seen the program were pleased and parents who had not seen the program had heard from their kids about its success. Since the request had come directly from me, I felt that my reputation was on the line. Well… Rene Bibaud certainly made me look good! Thank you for such a compelling performance!”

-Gail Frederick

Grosse Pointe, MI

“I can’t tell you how much we appreciated your wonderful visit to Macomb Academy. It was truly an inspiring assembly. Not only your jumping expertise, but also the fantastic messages you send to children are powerful! We refer to you often about the things you said. It’s so GREAT! Our children need role models like you! Even our staff members loved the assembly. Keep up your tremendous work! You certainly are making a difference in the lives of children! We held a Jump Rope for Heart on February 11th and had a great day and earned almost $5000 for the American Heart Association, the best we have done in several years. I believe your motivation had something to do with it—thanks so much.”

-Linda Knopp, Mt. Clemens, MI

“I just wanted to thank you again for coming to our school. Literally every teacher came up to me afterward and said what a great assembly that was and thanked me for having you come. The students also came up to me and said what a great assembly that was. During some choice time in gym the next day, I had a lot of kids jumping rope and trying some of the tricks that you showed us. Again thank you for coming and putting on a great assembly. We will have to schedule you again.”

-Rob Maier

Dicken Elementary

Ann Arbor, MI

“Rene is absolutely worth the money and time out of the classroom! We definitely plan on having Rene return for future assemblies. The students’ interest in jumping rope has skyrocketed!”
-Katie Lewit, Physical Educator
Allen Elementary
Ann Arbor, MI

“I cannot thank you enough for coming to Ann Arbor and performing two assemblies at Burns Park. The students are wild about rope jumping. We have over 120 in the club, and many tried out for the demonstration team. You made the difference!! Thank you so very much!”
-Judy Stevensen,
Ann Arbor Public Schools
Ann Arbor, MI

“I would like to thank you for the outstanding assembly at Buchanan School yesterday. I’m sure you hear it all the time, but your assembly truly touched many students and staff members at our school. Your performance was spectacular, but even better was the positive message of giving your best effort and to not measure your success by comparing yourself to others. It is so important for children as well as adults to receive that powerful message. Our students hear that from myself and other teachers all the time. However, it was great to have someone as talented as yourself to reinforce that message. We are capable of so much when we believe in ourselves and work hard.

The students and teachers have been talking about how much they enjoyed your assembly since the minute you left. It was extremely touching when you helped one of our special education students jump double dutch successfully. He was thrilled, and many of the adults were crying. One teacher even said, “It was the best assembly I’ve seen at Buchanan”, and she has been teaching here for more than 20 years.

You truly are an inspiration to me. As soon as my fractured tibia heals, I am going to make it a goal to learn many new jump rope tricks, and teach them to the members of my jump rope club. When one of our students was saying goodbye to you and you shook her hand she said that some of your greatness rubbed off onto her hand she was speaking for many of us. I feel fortunate to have met you.”
-Amy Tischler
Buchanan Elementary
Livonia, MI

“I believe the assemblies were a big hit. The kids seemed to really enjoy it, and like our one principal said ‘what a great message you send to the kids.’”
-Laurie Strowenjans
Hudsonville Elementary Schools
Hudsonville, MI

“Excellent Assembly, very motivational, high energy, and really did a fantastic job of promoting jump roping. I can’t say enough good things about it. Kids and staff loved it.”
-Andrea Linton
Sunset School
Alpena, MI

“The show and its message are great! Rene captures and holds the attention of the audience. She has a knack for getting kids excited, yet she has the skill to keep them under control. Our playground is filled with jump ropes since the assembly!”
-Deb Wojda
Alpena, MI


“Great message for success. Very motivating. Excellent crowd control Professional in every way. One of the best programs we have had at McGregor. Great support materials.”

-Brenda Hadrich

McGregor, MN

“Students comments were: Fun! Cool! Awesome! There definitely was student involvement. A variety of students were asked to learn some skills in front of their peers. Rene’s message was clear: everyone can learn, always keep trying, and most important, never give up! Even if it is difficult, keep trying until you become good at it. She had very good rapport with the students and excellent crowd control. She knew how to quiet them down after a thunderous applause. Rene is a very energetic, enthusiastic, awesome performer. The kids were just in awe of the jump rope skills that she is able to do. She definitely breaks the skills down so that kids (all kids) are able to learn. Her video is awesome. It is a memorable experience for the kids, something that they will always remember because it made such a strong, positive impression on them.”

-Peg Paulson

Mora, MN

“I understand that money is tight in schools, but Rene is worth every penny! Our kids k-12 and staff were all amazed and motivated by her time at our school. The 8th grade wanted to jump rope in gym and the 11th grade couldn’t stop talking about how cool her show was. Her message is one for everyone, no matter your age, to live by.”

“Rene, I heard so many wonderful comment from staff and students about your presentation. Thank you!”
-Jodi Murphy
Nicollet Public School
Nicollet, MN

“Rene’s message was great. I have continued to use her ‘catch phrases’ in my class. The students remembered so many details about the show because she had their undivided attention. Audience participation is always a hit, and her ability to make kids successful made every student (and a few teachers) want to be on stage with her. Some comments from other teachers were: ‘Magical!’ ‘Off the scale!’ and ‘the best lyceum in my 14 years of teaching.’ ‘Worth every penny.’ Having the kids up in front with you is wonderful. Talk about PRIDE in what they were able to do! We would love to have something again, perhaps an all day or half day workshop.”
-Patti Jo Erickson, Physical Educator
Dassel Elementary
Dassel, MN

“Rene’s Ropeworks school assembly program was outstanding!! I had the opportunity to preview her talents at the Central District Aapherd convention in Duluth in Feb., 2004. I knew right then that I wanted our sixth grade students to experience Rene’s show and rope skills. Her show at our school was a huge hit! They were amazed by the skills and routines she performed (mesmerized, actually), and really benefited from her message of trying your best and it’s okay to make a mistake. Learn from your mistakes and keep on trying! If you make a mistake, you simply work to fix it. Rene also does a wonderful job of student inclusion in her assembly as well as getting some willing faculty members involved! She will make any student regardless of ability experience success with her rope works skills.”
-Sandy Hasse
Garfield Elementary
North Mankato, MN


“I just wanted to reiterate to you how much we enjoyed having you at St. Joe. I heard a LOT of positive comments. Students actually thanked me later for having you at the school. I don’t recall that ever having happened before.”
-Sheila Wodtke
St. Joseph School
Kansas City, MO

New Mexico

“I just wanted to tell you thank you again for coming to McKinley. The students here will remember you for a long time. In the past eight years that I have been here you are by far the best that we have brought to our school. You have a wonderful way of reaching out to the kids and your message was very powerful and meaningful. Our school appreciated your kindness and enthusiasm.”

-Wendi Hayman

McKinley Elementary,


New York

“I just wanted to say thank you for the notes from the AAHPERD conference. I attended both of your sessions. I was only able to participate a little in the second one but I still really enjoyed your sessions. I was amazed by your skills and your ability to break down the skills in an easy and fun way so that anyone can learn. I only wish that I worked at a school and could have you come and speak and perform, but I am only a college student studying physical education at SUNY Cortland. I do work for a summer camp and I hope to incorporate some jump roping. Last summer I had wanted to teach them some double dutch but was unable to do it myself, but now after your session I know some of the basics so I can work on my skills and also help to teach them. This was my first national level conference and your sessions made it very enjoyable and have made me want to attend next year’s national conference. You have an amazing talent and what’s even more amazing is your ability to teach it to others!”

-Lacy Hudd

Amherst, NY

“I continue to get wonderful comments about your presentations at our schools-from students, teachers, and parents who heard about it from their kids. The kids definitely went home talking about their day at school the day of your performance!!

-Susan Bloch Leach Huntington School Distrcit Wellness Committee for 6 schools

” I have been meaning to touch base and drop you an email about my new status at Woodhull Elementary….You were recently in Huntington, NY and I was one of the lucky teachers to perform double dutch with you. I thought I was fairly popular (for a teacher anyway) prior to your arrival. Little did I know what a jumprope and a picture can do. A photographer from Newsday, the paper that covers Long Island, was there to cover the event. The picture of me in mid-jump ran the next day. It is amazing how many people saw it. I was adored by parents, students, fellow teachers and received emails from near and far, making me an instant star of Bono proportions. Your presentation was really great, the kids loved it and had a great impact on them.”

-Greg Wagner
Huntington School District
Long Island, NY

North Carolina

“Great show and message. Unbelievable! Had complete control and attention. Money well spent. Highly recommend. Wonderful and exciting.”

-Gregg Petty, PE Teacher

Paw Creek Elementary

Charlotte, NC

“I thought Rene’s “Hot Dog” Assembly hit home for all of the students she encountered at Union Hill Elementary and Archdale Trinity Middle School. In fact, the teachers and principals commented on how they were grateful to have been awarded the program but were skeptical about a jump roper keeping the attention of up to 300 students at one time. She used her extraordinary jump roping skills to capture their attention, keep them involved and then delivered a very powerful message about accepting our differences and the idea of facing and overcoming challenges in our lives.

Rene also performed a high energy half-time routine using fans in the audience as well as band members and cheerleaders – she kept the energy in the coliseum pumped up. We were very grateful to have Rene at the 2006 ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament – 2 school assemblies, an educational outreach program and a half-time performance all in 2 days!”

-Bernie McGlade

Associate Commissioner at the Atlantic Coast Conference


“The jump rope team performed their first assembly for this year last Friday for the entire school. I was so impressed, as I am every year, with what the kids can do! The triangle jump you taught them was the most impressive (especially with the rainbow ropes I got from your company!), and the kids performed it perfectly, thanks to your help! They also did the wheel with turns for the first time this year as well as the wheel with trading positions, also thanks to your help! I am so thankful you came to Pleasant!”
-Teri Birchfield
Marion, OH

“Rene Bibaud is the Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan of Jump roping. Rene is not only an accomplished performer with the jump rope, but she is an equally skilled teacher as well. By viewing Rene’s video tape, “Ropework for Kids,” I have gained the knowledge to teach my students the fundamentals of jump roping that are essential to more advanced skills. In two class lessons, the students that I teach have moved from having no fundamentals to advance jump rope tricks. This would not have been possible prior to viewing “Ropework for Kids.” Rene presents jump rope skills in a safe and positive manner that ensures success of all students. She has inspired my students to continually strive to do their personal best as they attempt new and challenging rope skills. Rene Bibaud’s school assembly, “My Life as a Hotdog,” was to be the culmination of my jump rope unit. Little did I know that it was just the beginning. Rene’s performance left long lasting impressions and memories on the students and staff that witnessed her message. Rene was able to take two students with downs syndrome and have them double dutch with success during the assembly. There were not many dry eyes from the faculty when Rene turned her ropes for these two students. It was a priceless event for all of us who shared this experience. Also, I failed to realize the impact she would have on the students and their desire to partake in jump roping at a more intense level. They cannot put down the ropes at recess or during physical education classes. The students have a passion and conviction to learn more skills. This is a direct result of the example Rene preaches as she performs and teaches during, “My life as a Hotdog.” We now have over 200 students participating in an after school jump rope club.”
-Doug Stebbins
West Carollton, Ohio

“This is a must-need assembly! Don’t tell your principal that you want Rene to come—tell him/her that you need her to come. All year I have sounded like a broken record in PE class with trying to make students believe in themselves and “try again,” not to give up, etc. Now all I say is, “What did Rene say?” and “Does Rene give up if she can’t do it?” The message of the assembly is very “real-life” to them. In fact, even during the assembly one shy boy asked to sit down right before being a student example during the individual skill s part. Rene said, “sure,” and didn’t draw attention to it. Then later, in the long rope skill part, she noticed he was raising his hand again. He came out more confident, tried long rope jumping, and was a success in front of all his peers (1st-3rd graders). He was an instant example/proof of the truth in her message. Two things—first, our jump team improved incredibly overnight after you did the workshop after school—both skills and creative ideas for routines. You were like the “Jump rope God” and if you said to do it this way—by golly they did it and remembered tons of your tips too. Second, many teachers commented on your communication to the students in a non-threatening way. Especially by getting the nervous boy back out on the floor later in the show so he could be successful. Great job, great message, and great show! You have chosen a wonderful career and you really show your gift in a way to inspire all children of any age. Thank you.”

-Sasha Fisher

Dayton, OH


“If you are looking for inspiration, enthusiasm and a way to engage your students in a school-wide assembly, Rene’s ‘My life as a hot dog’ is for you. Her message of going after your dreams with an attitude of belief in your self and a strong work ethic will impress your staff and students. She is a dynamic teacher and keeps you listening, laughing and wanting to learn to jump rope. Well worth it.”

About the show:
“Fits well with out school wide efforts of excellence with effort.”
“Multimedia approach wonderful.”
“Warm personality quickly warms up the crowd. Parents, teachers and students loved it.”
-Carol Sanders
McLoughlin Elementary School
Oregon City, OR

“Rene does and awesome job working with kids. She has a great personality and inspires children to do better. Our kids had a great time. My own daughter, who is eight years old, has a fire burning in her to be great at jumping rope.”
-Frank Januik
Gearhart Elementary
Gearhart, OR

“Rene Bibaud is energetic, funny and inspiring. Her message to kids is thought provoking and very effective. She influenced a lot of our kids’ attitudes. The students at our school were so impressed with Rene’s performance. They wanted their own jump rope club. Today we have a very successful club. I highly recommend inviting her to your school.”
-Rick Knight, PE teacher
Hiteon Elementary
Beaverton, OR

“Rene is fun, enthusiastic, connects with the kids and the adults and has a wonderful message of ‘you can do it, just keep trying.’ Rene is amazing with the jump rope and is very inspiring for the students. After Rene came to our school we later did a ‘PE showcase event’ with lots of jump roping as a result of Rene’s visit. I highly recommend Rene Bibaud for any school as a fun and inspiring event.

Rene, our school loved you and parents and kids came up to me telling me how inspired their kids were about jump rope after your visit. You were wonderful and fun. Thanks.”
-Stephanie Musser
Montclair Elementary School
Portland, OR

“I heard SOOOOO many positive comments about your show from both staff and students after you left. Many students practiced the skills you taught during recess that very same day; I had some students ask for more jump ropes to be brought outside for recess (both short and long for double Dutch); I had a few students ask me where they could buy jump ropes like yours; many people told me what a fantastic message your assembly conveyed; and, several teachers told me how very impressed they were with your ability to handle a large group of children. They also said that you were the best assembly we’ve had in a long time. During an aerobic game later that day, a fifth grade student who has low self-esteem said ‘I’m going to stay positive – I know I can do better.’ Those feelings came directly from your show!”
-Kathy Wells, Physical Educator
Oak Hills Elementary School
Beaverton, OR

“Rene had a great message for kids; and she shows and tells at the same time. She had their attention and their enthusiasm. At the end of the workshop she was surrounded by kids asking for her autograph. If only all our sports ‘heroes’ were giving out the same message as Rene.”
-Sande Brown, Principal
Gearhart Elementary School
Gearhart, Oregon


“Rene’s presentation is simply amazing! Our students experienced rope jumping at a level that they may never see again in their lifetimes. Every student in our school had jumped double dutch by the end of the day! Rene is great with kids, motivates and sends a message of perseverance, hard work and fun, while gaining fitness. It was a wonderful day for all that were involved. Kids are jumping at recess and in the gym. We just finished JRFH too! Thanks for kickstarting a great activity.”
-Sandi Walter
Franconia Elementary School
Souderton, PA

“I just want to thank you for the wonderful program you gave us at Franconia School in Pennsylvania a little while ago. My daughter has been eagerly jumping rope ever since. She’s not “super athletic”, so it’s nice that she’s found something she can do well, use as exercise, and enjoy at the same time. You are a great inspiration.”
-Karen Clothier


“Your performance and instruction was very nicely done. The students particularly enjoyed when they could participate and their teachers could be highlighted as well.

Positive and appropriate messages—‘never give up,’ ‘try your best,’ ‘mistakes are inevitable.’ Funny, amazingly talented, great interaction with students, involving the students in the show. Made the students feel like they could do anything.”
-Kristine Brockhagen, Lowe School Physical Education Coordinator
Episcopal School of Dallas
Dallas, TX

“Rene’s presentation and message was fantastic! Very entertaining and professional. With 600 students in the opening assembly, we were amazed at how she was able to keep the interest and control of our large audience. Our entire school was jumping for weeks after her visit, many for the first time!”

“Rene, keep doing what you do—you are making an impact in many children’s lives.”

-Kathy Grane, Youth Protection and Safety

Centennial Elementary

Plano, TX

“Thank you for a wonderful show!! Many people said that was the best assembly we’ve had a Thomas. Thank you again for a great performance!”
-Robin Williams, Counselor
Thomas Elementary School
Plano, TX


“I just wanted to thank you for your excellent presentations in the Roanoke County Schools last week. The students and staff at Bonsack Elementary really enjoyed the assembly. I’m sure they found it entertaining, motivating and educational. We were all appreciative of your willingness to do an extra appearance at the Burlington JRFH event. It added a very special touch to their afternoon. I’ve had a number of our teachers share very positive comments regarding the afternoon workshop. Everyone seemed to appreciate your skill, teaching style and pleasant personality.”

-Barry Trent

Roanoke, VA

“You were a huge hit during our recent Wellness Day. Our students and staff are still talking about you! Everyone enjoyed watching you, hearing your message, and meeting you during the sessions in the gym. Enclosed you will find a few copies for you to enjoy reading—letters (a few of the many) and the newspaper article. Thank you for making our day such a success!”

-Kathy Wrenn and the MSPE staff

The Collegiate School

Richmond, VA


“I have had the privilege of teaching, coaching, and working with Rene for the past 20 years. She has progressed from a student to a teacher/coach, and is currently a premier world class performer and clinician. Rene has the enthusiasm and unique skills to teach both kids and adults the joy of Rope Skipping for Fun and Fitness.”

-Bob Melson

American Heart Association

Leavenworth, WA

“We enjoyed having both the video and live performance. We also appreciated the way student volunteers were from all grade levels and still able to be successful. We had a huge surge of jump roping at recess following your visit.”

-Lisa Corning, 5th Grade Teacher

Tapteal Elementary

West Richland, WA

Quotes from Discovery Elementary:

“That was the best assembly I have seen in 23 years!” –Elizabeth Schorno

“What a positive performance and message to kids!” –Cindy McIntosh

“What a great assembly! Rene is a fabulous performer with a positive message. The kids loved it!”

“It was absolutely amazing! All the teachers and students loved how you were able to control the audience—and we were all amazed at your skills (both jump rope and motivational).”

-Kristina Waage

Discovery Elementary

Gig Harbor, WA

“Rene puts on a wonderful, entertaining show with a very positive, uplifting message to students. The staff and students were truly amazed at her rope jumping skills. Her message of working hard if you practice and that is is ok to make mistakes was something everyone took away from the program. She works well with students, has good control and is very energetic. Wonderful presentation.”

-Peggy Sanderson, principal

Pioneer Primary

Shelton, WA 98584

“Rene puts on an excellent program. She is an expert at not only rope skipping, but also gifted at working with the audience. She uses humor, student involvement and her own personal life experiences to clearly convey her message of perseverance, hard work and goal setting. My students (500+) loved her presentation and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an upbeat, exciting, organized and well done assembly.”

-Nan Lucke

Eastridge Elementary

Woodinville, WA

“While visiting another elementary school last spring, I caught the tail end (pun intended) or the “My Life as a Hot Dog” assembly. I told myself I was definitely going to have Rene come to Marcus Whitman next year. Her message of hope and encouragement was truly an inspiration to our entire student body and staff. Rene’s jump roping skills along would be worth the price of the assembly but the added bonus of helping kids believe in themselves and to keep trying, no matter what, was priceless.

One staff member commented after the show how many assembly presenters make themselves the focus of the presentation. In this assembly, Rene makes the kids the stars of the show. It was nice to be able to stand back and enjoy the presentation myself because Rene had the complete attention of our 450+ student body. Her management skills and appropriate comments to students were like those of a top-notch teacher.”

-Paul Dann, Principal

Marcus Whitman Elementary

Richland, WA

“WOW! YOU WERE TRULY IMPRESSIVE! I don’t just mean with the jumproping – but the whole package. You had those kids eating out of your hand, and you clearly have a talent for entertaining such a young audience. You are an incredible teacher, and have a way with kids. It was, truly, a special experience to be able to see you perform.”

-Sean Esterhuizen, Soccer Coach

Pasco, WA

“Ok, it’s official. Our school is Rene’ crazy! You better not show up here without personal bodyguards. All the kids are doing the pretzel and today on the playground a group of six kindergarten and first grade students made this intricate long jump rope pattern, like the one on your DVD! It was breathtaking. Thank you for your inspiration and thank you for your support of my jump rope club. Competitive, high-skilled jump rope teams can be a little intimidating and it was nice to hear you appreciate a jump rope club that is focussed on fun, individual improvement, and open to all kids. That meant a lot to me.”
-Jeannie Bastasch, Physical Educator
Greenwood Elementary
Seattle, WA

“We wanted to express our appreciation for the outstanding family night program you put on for us last Friday night! Thank you for sharing your talents and inspiring message with us. Everyone was impressed with your abilities not only as a performer, but as a speaker and teacher as well. I think people left with a renewed vision for fitness, inspired to achieve their goals, and in awe of your amazing gifts and accomplishments. We want to wish you continued success in future rope jumping pursuits. Thank you again for the special evening Rene! We will think of you as we JUMP into fitness!”
-Shannon Aris and Robin Smith
Bonney Lake Community Church
Auburn, WA

“Rene was amazing. The students loved her; she got everyone involved—even the teachers. Students jump roped for weeks after her assembly. It was truly inspiring.”
-Jana Riggan, Marketing and Development Director
Westside School
Seattle, WA

“The kids and staff are still talking about Rene Day. After 33 years I don’t impress easily, but you were worth the wait. You are such a great role model so pleased to have such a wise and patient person out there promoting jump rope. You have such a talent for working with kids. You were terrific.”
-Bob Scharer
Stillwater Elementary School
Carnation, WA

“Rene gave a fabulous performance. The students were thoroughly entertained, impressed and motivated by her show. Her motivational messages about working hard, competing with yourself, rather than others, and perseverance all came through loud and clear, and in a very constructive manner. I have received a barrage of positive feedback from the staff, the parents and the students. The next week my kindergarten students were reminding me that it is important to work at your own level. The students were charged about jumping rope after her show and have been taking every opportunity to jump rope at recess and after school. I would highly recommend Rene Bibaud!”
-Vida Towne, Physical Educator
The Bertschi School
Seattle, WA

“Rene…I know I’ve already told you what a fabulous job you did last Monday, but I just wanted to follow that up by telling you that almost every teacher in the building had nothing but praises to say about the assembly. You were very clear, and the kids got the message.”
-Chuck Millsap
Daniel Bagley Elementary
Seattle, WA

“Rene does a fantastic job of including students. Teachers and students both loved it. Many staff members commented that it was one of the best assemblies they have ever attended. Students are still excited about jumping rope months after the assembly. I would highly recommend Rene to any school.”
-Jody Dohrmann, Elementary Health and Fitness Teacher
McDonald Elementary
Spokane, WA


“Rene was with us for two days. She did two large group sessions then stayed and worked with all of the classes individually. She was incredible! I have never seen another program generate so much enthusiasm. Every child in the school was successful and was motivated to try their best. It showed out on the playground as the jumpropes turned for weeks on end. Renee’s message hit home with everyone and I heard many teachers say they continued using it in their classrooms. Renee was a gift for working with children. Her crowd control was very efficient—some way she had all the students wanting to please her. Her sense of humor was contagious—many laughs.”

“Success breeds great self-esteem. There were some children who were ‘walking taller’ after Rene spent her time with us. An incredibly valuable program—I’d recommend it to anyone.”

-Bernie Zwettler, Physical Education Teacher

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Madison, WI

“The positive message and personal story was invaluable. Even our kindergartners had full recall of your steps to succeed. Parents, students and staff rated this as one of our top assemblies in the past five years! The music, interaction with students, and video was right on for the age group. Your style and sense of humor was motivational and fun to watch. All of our students were jumping rope at recesses after the show. Even my eighth graders couldn’t wait to jump until the next PE class, where your stunts were incorporated into our rope skills unit! As a result of your assembly, we’re ordering more ropes for every classroom and expanding our unit in PE.”

-Jamie Scott, Physical Educator

St. Maria Goretti Parish School

Madison, WI

“Thank you again for your fantastic visit to Madison! I have heard so many positive comments from the teachers, kids and parents. Everyone was thrilled! You have an amazing gift to inspire people and to make them feel ready and able to take on a challenge. Thank you for sharing that with our school. I hope you enjoyed your time at Queen of Peace, too. You may be amused to know that my daughter Tess has now added “professional rope jumper” to her list of career

possibilities. You are an inspiration!

I posted most of the photos I took on a bulletin board at school for the kids to enjoy, and the caused a bit of a traffic
jam on the way to lunch yesterday. A couple of teachers have asked for copies as well so they can post them in their classrooms and remind their students of your message. I have my work cut out for me as I look for other artists/speakers to bring in…you’re a tough act to follow!”
-Liz Heinrichs
Madison WI