Instant Activities and Jump Rope Goal Posters

Visual aids can go a long way in helping increasing student comprehension, adding appeal, motivating and directing students for desired outcomes. These visual aids serve a variety of useful purposes, but we’ll focus on their use as goal setting aids, instant activities and teaching tools for skill acquisition as it relates to rope jumping. When used in a circuit formation, or as an instant activity, these goal boards can help increase a students “Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity” (MVPA) time and can serve as a tool for increasing overall physical fitness.

This past year I put visual aids to work in my “Rope Jumping for Fun and Fitness” after-school recreation program. Our program currently serves over 20 Seattle area schools and is expanding to beyond that to include more cities across the U.S.

As we started posting the goal boards, students skill acquisition and fitness levels increased an impressive amount. They surpassed the typical goals that had been typical. We found the need to keep increasing the amount of boards and the type of jump rope activities, because they responded so well to them. We found the posters help kids clarify objectives and be able to celebrate when they reached their specific objective. And it’s made it easier as an instructor, to track students progress. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up a goal sheet and thought “Wow, I didn’t’t know she would be able to do that!” Pretty cool!

These jump rope activities will be appropriate for kids aged 6 and older. Older students should focus on the fine print at the bottom of most boards. There is plenty of material for everyone.

Basic Bounce Goal Posters:

These boards help kids master the basic bounce: the fundamental move required in rope jumping. Initially, I allow my students to perform their jumps at whatever rhythm they choose (I.E bunny hop, or double bounce) but as they progress past the “Jump your age” level, I start requiring them to have proper form and proper rhythm. The levels work well for all ages. Young kids will enjoy trying to jump to 5 or 6, and older kids will strive to make it into the “100 Jump Club”

  • Set and track personal progress
  • Additional practice time for this fundamental move
  • A simple concept for everyone

Jump Rope Poster - Goal 1

Jump Rope Poster - Goal 2

Jump Rope Poster - Goals 3












Buddy Jumping Goal Posters

Buddy jumping works well in after-school programs, since we typically have a variety of ages participating. I typically put my older jumpers as the “Big Buddy” and the younger student is “Little Buddy” However, it can be performed by two students of the same age.
I always remind my kids that jumping with another person is much harder than jumping alone. And we focus on characteristics of patience, practice, kindness and teamwork.

  • Mentorship
  • Timing
  • Partnering
  • Helpful for young jumpers who cannot spin the rope properly yet.
  • Helpful for experienced jumper to accommodate another person and practice speeding up and slowing down.

Jump Rope Poster - Goal 4

Jump Rope Poster - Goal 5

Jump Rope Poster - Goal 6












Skill Challenges:

Kids love these skill challenges. They can work hard to try and acquire a new skill and move to another when ready. Be sure to point out the added challenges explained at the bottom of most boards. These will add more complexity to those kids who master things quickly.

  • Fun and motivating
  • Progress from simple to more complex skills
  • Skills can eventually be used for a variety of purposes: talent show, routine creation or fitness routines.
    See skills in action here – and our new skills APP – coming Sept. 2014. Check back to our blog post and subscribe to our list to get up to the minute updates on the release. We are currently filming these skills, challenges and more for our next update.


Jump Rope Poster 1 Skills

Jump Rope Poster 2 Skills

Jump Rope Poster - Challenge 9

Jump Rope Poster 4 Skills





Jump Rope Poster 5 Skills

Jump Rope Poster 6 Skills

Jump Rope Poster Skills






















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Fitness Challenges:

Only two levels are posted here, but obviously kids can continue to reach for their best personal time. I suggest two time frames as a starter; 2 and 5 minutes. Jumping rope requires a great deal of coordination. When coordination required for jumping rope is not fully developed, then jumping for longer periods of time can be very tiresome. In these goal boards, you’ll notice that kids are allowed to “miss” but they can’t “rest” (tie shoe, get drink, sit down) Once you miss, you’re back at it. I like to do the 2 minute challenge as a class. Crank up the music and really get your kids psyched about improving their cardiovascular fitness.

  • Develop fitness level
  • Motivate kids to work hard towards a goal
  • Make a positive connection to physical activity and goal setting


Jump Rope Poster Fitness 2









Personal Best:

When I yell “personal best” they all cheer. Kids love trying to beat their best score. They will inevitably try to be the last man jumping, but the concept of personal best is to see how many basic jumps you can do, before you miss. Try each time to make improvements.

We do it in a full class setting. I have kids who miss, sit down and remember their score. This is typically less than a minute before it’s time to get up and go again. Students could be tasked with stretching, yoga, core exercises etc. while they are waiting to go again.

The personal best poster helps kids recognize how often they beat their personal best. Obviously the focus here is on effort and striving for goals, not being the best in class – it’s about personal growth. As kids improve, I start to call out tricks they must do – then it gets really fun!











Suggested Applications:

I created these to fit on 11×14 sized poster board. Here in Seattle, I send PDF’s and PNG’s over to our local Costco for affordable printing and laminating. You could also print 11×14 (legal) on your home computer. (just click on the image, and right click to save each image)

  • Jump Rope for Heart Event
  • Family Fitness Night
  • Instant Activity/ Warm Up
  • Jump Rope “unit” or class
  • After School Jump Rope Club


  • 30 seconds at each board set
  • One set of boards up at a time for focused attention
  • Phase in a new set each class
  • All boards up all year for ultimate goal setting
  • Celebrate record setters at school assembly
  • Send parents a newsletter with images of the goal boards
  • Have kids sign each poster when they reach a goal
  • Create a checklist for all students to keep in their PE binder that match the goal boards.
  • Create your own
  • Have students create their own goal boards

The ultimate goal is that kids embrace this incredible lifetime fitness activity and learn to break skills down and learn how to reach for new goals over time.

I hope that you’ll use my blog as resource, but also reach out to others and share your ideas with. I encourage you to use the comments section and share your goal setting ideas and instant activities with our community.

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