Ropeworks The art of jumping rope. 

Ropeworks is the creation of Rene Bibaud.  Rene is a five-time world champion, former ESPN commentator for the sport of jumping rope and artist and coach of the renowned Cirque Du Soleil. She is an educator, motivational speaker and entertainer with a special focus on fitness and specialty performances.  She excels at sharing the benefits of the single best fitness tool available – the jump rope.

We excel at sharing the benefits of the single best fitness tool available – the jump rope.
Here’s how to get started

The Set Up
Wear athletic shoes and jump on an athletic surface such as a sport court or hard wood floor.  Adults should avoid jumping on hard or concrete surfaces. At home piece of plywood sized 4×6 or so can turn any spot into a jump rope platform. Be sure to use a rope that fits you. Most kids use an 8′ rope, most adults need 9′ or 10′ rope.

Build coordination, timing and fitness over time.

Very short bouts of proper rope jumping will yield faster results and better technique if you commit to a regular routine of jumping rope.  During any workout routine, whether it be weight training or cardio training, try any of these training suggestions:
Check out these short video demonstrations of some basic single rope skills to help get you started and add creativity and interest to your jump rope routine.  Here are some suggestions for beginners:

Personal Best:
How long can you jump rope without breaking form or losing speed?  Stop, rest and repeat.  Try and beat your score.  Repeat one more time. That’s it. Come back in a day and try again.

10 and 10:
Jump for 10, rest 10 seconds.  Do this 10 times.

Skill Development:
Work on your basic bounce for 30 seconds.  Rest.  Work through learning a new skill. Rest as much as needed.
As you can see, the point is not lengthy bouts of jump rope.  The initial phase should be moderately challenging and fun with focus on developing your timing and technique.

Patience and Practice
Rope jumping requires coordination and timing. The only way to improve is through regular practice.  Early on you’ll make a lot of mistakes.  It’s OK! Focus on effort and enjoyment, not results.  Through regular short sessions over time, your results will follow.

Sizing your Jump Rope

Choosing the right sized rope will make your first steps much easier. Our ropes are all adjustable, so you can choose a longer rope and size it down if needed.

Adults: 9′- 10′ rope

Youth age 7 and older – 8′ rope

6 and Younger – 7′ rope (beaded)

You can order your ropes HERE

Teach rope jumping with confidence,
using our complete Single Rope
 Skill Builders System


Ultimate Single Rope Skill Builders Series


Learn to Jump Rope with 5 Time World Jump Rope Champion, Rene Bibaud using her smart sequencing approach to teaching rope jumping.

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Product Description

Finally – The ultimate skill development system that follows Rene Bibaud’s highly acclaimed approach to skill development is available for educators, youth programs, or anyone working with youth.

The “Ultimate Skill Builders System” for Single Rope Skill development provides educators, the tools they need to teach rope jumping skills in an inspiring, success-oriented fashion with confidence and clarity.

A clean, integrated system teaches students through beautifully crafted hand drawn posters and skill cards helping kids identify up 92 individual single rope skills based on 6 different skill types, and 5 different difficulty levels.

Kids develop learning autonomy by selecting skills based on difficulty and can be challenged further with bonus suggestions and add-on challenges bringing the skill count to over 200 total skills.

Our companion Teachers Manual helps educators make best use of the material with suggested activities, skill descriptions and answers to the most common questions. We’ve included suggested routines, and information on how to create single rope freestyle routines in a step-by-step process.

Each of the 92 base skills are demonstrated through our high quality video program. Each video demonstrates the lesson in high quality resolution including slow motion, full speed and full body shots for optimal understanding. Then each skill is broken down into achievable pieces using Rene’s popular methods. Most skills offer ongoing challenges for students who progress quickly.

The single site license includes the rights to duplicate more cards and posters for larger gyms, or more robust activities (one license per site please)

Digital Products:

  • 140 Page Teachers Manual with helpful content links. (PDF)
  • Skill Generator Tool for Choosing Skills (excel)
  • Digital Files for the Skill Cards
  • Digital Files of the Skill Posters
  • Link to lifetime access to the Skill Builders Video Library
  • Access to Rene Bibaud Private facebook page for educators

Physical Product:

  • 6 Beautiful Skill Posters 12×18
  • 108 Skill and Challenge Cards 3.25×2.25

**Hard Copy Teacher’s Manual Available for additional fee ($10)


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